Advice to a Gringa in Costa Rica

It’s quite rare to be a single female traveller who leaves Costa Rica without falling in love. 

It is no secret that gringa’s who travel to this part of the world are often lured to Costa Rica to escape the stress in the States and to immerse in nature and also to experience a culture vastly different from what we’re used to at home.  There is an openness, a friendliness in this deeply rooted familial culture that has become more and more removed in so many Westernized cultures. And yes, then there’s nature. Jungle, beaches, volcanoes, rivers, oceans and all the creatures that live in these various habitats that encompass so much of this country. All these miles and miles of open land create space in the brain, space in the body, and we surrender our grip to what life should be like after being so tightly enclosed along the dark concrete streets and enclosed in fluorescent lit buildings that dampen our spirits, while we shop in malls where we buy things that we think will make us happy.

And so we are drawn to Costa Rica’s for it’s uniqueness, for it’s beauty and for the people. It’s not hard to fall in love with this small sweet country. Lured by the sea, lured by the heat, lured by the freedom and lured by a completely different lifestyle. And yes, many of us are lured by the chiseled features, smooth dark skin, agility, strength and charm of the Costa Rican men who many Gringa’s find masculine but gentle at the same time.  Coupled with the ever present sensuality that looms in the air, it’s easy to become captivated in paradise. To be a Gringa seduced by a Tico is a story heard and told again and again. Even though you may be convinced you’re the only one, you’re not. So before baring more skin than you already are, ask around, check this guy out as much as possible in order to know you’re in good hands and in order to make sure you are safe and to ensure your memories of Costa Rica are happy ones.

So if you surrender to the endless waves compliments, endearing names aka “preciosa, guapa, bonita” and if you know that he is single and a good person, “buena gente”  and if that beach walk home turns into something more, enjoy it fully. Enjoy the attention the compliments and the affection but be sure to communicate your intention clearly and be on guard. Rather than downing drink after drink and losing control, drink in the embrace along the narrow path to your cabina and then and go back to falling in love with Costa Rica itself.