Aquarius Brings Transformation

The full moon falls on the 28th in Aquarius, and the winds of transformation can be felt all around.

Humanitarian action is highlighted. Revolution is in the air. Unexpected events are par for the course. Voices of protest rise up from the masses, calling for freedom, justice, and liberation.

We want to be eccentric, and let our freak flag fly. We rebel against authority to claim our sovereignty and dominion. Heroes arrive in the eleventh hour. Puppet masters are exposed as a sham; we can now clearly see the man behind the curtain. Think outside the box, but be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Do your best to channel confrontational or aggressive energy into any necessary changes that you have been avoiding. Some things will come to fruition now, while others will be exposed as a lost cause. Break free from karmic wounds, ancestral beliefs, and anything else that holds you back. Gain insight from every unfolding.

As we turn the corner, what lies ahead is just out of view. Carry on, led by the brilliant rainbow within you. Follow the heavens and splash colors across your days. You are divine- the gold in the pot at the end of the rainbow, inspiring others in so many ways.