As January Begins, Big Changes are Upon Us

We are standing at a crossroads, hovering somewhere in between who we once were and what we have been wishing to become. 2015 opens with a fiery planetary opposition that will illuminate the path ahead, if we let it; the options are numerous and circumstances have the potential to escalate quickly. Are you feeling torn between the old and the new? Be honest with yourself about your current situation. Own the choices that brought you here and acknowledge that it could be time to choose again. Clear any inner debris that holds you back, paring down to create space for the brightest future to come rushing in.

When Mercury joins up in Aquarius on the 6th, revolution is in the air as we start to see enlightened ideas and social reform begin to dominate the greater community. Technology is developing a life of its own, the degrees of separation between us melt away and our thoughts are reverberating deeply within the collective. Work on your blind spot, taking in all of the new information available.

Widen your perspective, readdressing anything you are itching to change…. Explore the steps that brought you here; it is time to evolve the pattern that has kept you making the same mistakes again and again, trusting that the same choices and actions will continue to yield the same results. Find strength in what you know and get clear about what you don’t, distancing yourself from any cyber competition or popularity contest, sorting fact from fiction. Giving graciously to others can uplift your spirits and encourage you to make changes that will assure you a more fulfilling life. Reconnect with your stellar origins, letting your inner guidance filter your experiences, distilling them down to the finest quality. If you focus on the here and now and set your intent, you just may start a revolution in the collective consciousness.