Ask Yourself: What Truth Makes Life More Difficult?

When mental Mercury enters Pisces on the 12th, our intuitive centers become heightened, offering us the opportunity to know each other and ourselves in a whole new way.

If you are currently caught up in a battle of semantics, you might be neglecting what is real. We can no longer blame others for our lives and must learn to be our own authority.

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, choosing to look beyond the words in the message, to the meaning being conveyed. Feel your way forward by working to put aside any differences. Listen with your heart and let love have the lead. Own your part when expressing your truth and communicate with grace, filling your voice with Compassion. Walk your talk and become a person of your word, increasing your integrity and value. Distill outwards experiences through your innate wisdom. Spend quiet time in gratitude for the divine intelligence that guides you.

When Saturn spins retrograde in fiery Sagittarius on the 14th, our focus is pulled inwards. We must learn now to evolve our belief system by honoring how we really feel. Seek out the truth that lives just beyond the veil. Question what has validity for you; Have you been seeing circumstances in your life or the world with blinders on? Is there some truth that you are trying to ignore? What are your weakest parts and what beliefs hold them in place? What truths make you a good person? What truth makes life more difficult? Would you be better off if a negative truth wasn’t real? Expand your expectation of what is possible in order to increase your happiness. Reorganize your mind and consciously change your beliefs, dealing with the things that frustrate you by facing problems head on. Grow boundaries of self-preservation that will help you to complete what you are already committed to, without becoming overwhelmed.

Venus enters grounded Taurus on the 18th, asking us to get prepared for what looms ahead. Retreat into the spaces that bring you sanctuary, finding intimacy with those who make you feel secure. Meditate on your recent manifestations. Are your choices leaving you with financial stability? Are your commitments built on loyalty and trust? If you feel hyper aware of the risks that are involved in taking a leap of faith, gently address any fears and find the strength in softening.

Plant a garden. Work the earth, using the time to prune away at any habitual patterns of pessimism and powerlessness. Continue to remind yourself that life is a process-oriented sport and the journey is here for us to enjoy. Release worries that keep you from reveling in your senses; drop into your natural rhythm and fully enjoy the present. Move slowly towards your desires, filling each step with intention and reverence. Seek out nourishing food, sensual pleasures, gentle company, and social gatherings that warm you to your core. Spend time outside with your feet on the soil or your toes in the sand. Watch the waves and stare at trees, seeing your beauty reflected in nature. Find contentment among the little things. Sink your roots down deep and get ready to receive the waves to come.