Astrology for the awakening because Life is leading the way

As June begins we are in the midst of a large shift, figuratively and literally.  Our plate is overflowing with options. Scattered energy abounds. The flow of communication is quick, and the response is fiery. Our attention flits from this to that.

We may not know where to begin, or may feel like we have bitten off more than we can chew. Drop into your heart for guidance and support. Have patience with fate. We are reeling with new insights, ushered in during eclipse season.

Addictions run rampant as we try and cope with the onslaught of data. Self-esteem and self-worth hold the key.  Aim to love the parts of yourself that chose to check out. Plans are just starting to take shape, and some need a bit more time to gestate. 

Nerves are raw as we muster the courage to do the things that scare us. Take stock in your own strength and ability to weather adversity. Give your worries to the divine. Confront all that brings you discomfort with grace and acceptance. Be willing to let go of your dreams, trusting that, in time, they will be born.

Mercury moves into Cancer as the month opens, and we are swept up in a wave of emotions. Turn inward. Question where your loyalties lie, and who deserves your dedication. Spend a moment reflecting on times gone by, but do not get lost among the nostalgia. Stay in the present, allowing your awareness of the past to fuel a deeper insight into your current circumstances. When in doubt, sleep on it. Let a full cycle of feelings move through you before making any sudden moves.

Mars in Gemini adds to the changes; rushing in new opportunities and unseen variables. We are taxed, and guilty feelings arise from knowing that we have much to do, but lack the energy with which to do it. It may be hard to stomach a lot of what is on your plate, but digest it, you must. Bite off only what you can chew.

Support your bodies’ system with grounding foods and plenty of rest.  Trust that everything you release now will create space for new opportunities to appear in your life. Release the need to control outcomes and accept that you are being led. Channel frustration into education. Take up a competitive sport; learn a new language or begin to use the one that you already know in a new and uplifting way.

When Venus moves into Cancer on the 2nd, we begin to create from our feelings. During this time, focus on compassion and self-acceptance. Increase your connection to the feminine, honoring the cycles and the tides. Get inspired by the deeper insight you are gleaning within. Listen to your internal rhythm. Trust your intuition. 


Be tender with the ones you care for: when trying to decide which side of the fence you are on, keep it simple by choosing love. Let your heart grow bigger, breathing into any blockage along the way. Come out into the world for connection, and when it is timely, retreat into introspection and solace… only to be born again, and again. Remember, a broken heart is an open heart.

Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces on the 7th, amplifying dreams and calling up memories. The time is ripe for transformation, and the way forward begins with letting go.

Have patience. Take the time to understand all that is within your grasp.  Remind yourself that birth is about surrender. Your dreams cannot materialize until you are willing to release them and trust. Our awareness of Water increases exponentially; it’s importance in our lives, and it’s vital, powerful place on our planet.

Many blessings and pura vida!