Be Radical in Your Expression

Saturn spins retrograde on the 2nd, asking us to internalize the experiences and limitations that we have recently undergone, before anything that we have failed to digest gives us a stomachache.

We can expect the findings of this transit to correlate directly with outward experiences created by the Mars retrograde at play. Saturn will ask us to grow new eyes that see in the darkness, gaining wisdom from the past. It is time reassess our limits, getting to the bottom of any fears or psychological traps that keep us small. Explore issues of intimacy and any deeper patterns and pathologies that are preventing you from showing up in your connections; there are layers of debris to unearth and years of memories to sort through. Face any wounds and unhealed losses, or emotional disappointment that still lurks in the shadows. Look at issues surrounding birth, sex, death, addiction, procrastination, anxiety, and depression for the sources of frustration that are up for renegotiation.

Daily practice brings growth, as our desires must be buried in the ground before they can grow into something new. Build patience and endurance by devoting yourself to your inner strength and integrity, learning to say no to responsibilities that do not have to be yours to burden. Our greatest wishes and fears, issues of trust, jealousy, betrayal, insecurity and security, money and power, shared finances, emotional inheritance and baggage, psychological blocks and mental traps, and reactionary patterns that need to be broken are all up for breakdown and breakthrough.

Jupiter stations direct on the 5th in Cancer, ushering in aha! moments that expand our understanding of how we truly feel, and help us to rectify conflict around what we had wanted to create vs. the actual results.

Clarify new or modified plans that have been taking shape by looking closely at what you are devoted to, and where your truth lies… your needs will become clear and your beliefs will begin to solidify as the smokescreen of the last few months dissipates. Our original dreams are being transformed from large and lofty, into what is truly necessary for our happiness.

Let nostalgia breathe optimism into the future, taking opportunities as they come and making leaps of faith when necessary. Enhance your awareness of yourself, expanding your ideas of the qualities that give you worth and value. Believe in your own power, and how much you are capable of creating for yourself. Carry generosity, new hope, and spiritual centeredness into the worldly application of your higher ideals. Build a family, grow a fortune, give to charitable causes, and nurture a child. Issues related to higher education, foreign cultures and philosophies, expanded understanding, the mother, the home front, real estate, the ocean, our feelings, emotional intelligence, intuition, imagination, empathy for each other, fitting in with our social peers, co-dependency, emotional manipulation, important pieces of our family history, and the foods we eat are choices on the table for illumination and transformation.

Venus shifts into Aquarius on the 6th, revolutionizing our ideas of commitment, and building the box by drawing outside the lines. Shock the world with outrageous displays of love. Be radical in your expression, and sacred in your uniqueness. Honor your own needs and stand up for your right to be cherished for who you are. Aim to be accepted for your oddest parts, learning to love yourself through the eyes of another. Guard against any attempts to undervalue the importance of your personal relations, for the sake of your right to do what you want. Explore whether you have become jaded in your own attempts at love because of a bad example set by others. Question what freedom in love means to you, and what type of romantic relationship is worth having. Look into your past and release the stories that aren’t personal, creating space within yourself for a more cosmic version of love to appear.

It is here that we can envision and dream about what we can become, if we work together and apart towards shared mutual goals. Engage in kindred connections that allow space for personal expression, returning with inspiration to your relationships for renewed intimacy and connection. A solid partnership requires the diligence to keep watering the same garden again and again; some days we are just doing what we must, and some days the flowers bloom.