Because Everything is About to Change

The tides are turning as December begins. Our planet is becoming unsettled due to pent up energies seeking release. Recent revelations, and the unearthing of deep seated emotional desires are asking us to the change the way we view your world, and the place that we wish to occupy in it.

It may seem like you are being forced to deal with less than ideal circumstances, or denied the one thing that you truly need. Guard against confusion and misunderstanding, trusting that things are not always as they seem. Avoid getting tied down by details as precision can be tricky now. Wonder about the reasons behind your current discomfort; the answers will come in time. Follow your instincts and connect the dots in your life, seeking a universal outlook that widens your view of the current circumstances. Radical behavior is possible if we are harboring too much pent up energy.

Mercury’s move into Sagittarius on the 2nd broadens our perspective and offers us a chance to take in the larger picture. Our head is full of ideas, but only one of them has the power to truly fulfill us. Do your best not to get caught up in the drama, while sorting fact from fiction. Any egotistical behavior, or attempts to force our reality onto another will be met with aggression. Use words to resolve your obstacles, letting diplomacy transcend previously insurmountable walls.

The new moon arrives on the 2nd in Sagittarius, spicing things up. Do your part to uplift others and give each other little tokens of affection to show that you care. We are attached to sentiment now, which makes small gestures mean so much more than they really are. Keep your thoughts positive and your energetic contribution happy, finding your gratitude in your freedom to do the things that you enjoy. Much will appear out of left field over the next few weeks; be ok with the unknown as it can open you up to possibilities you have not even begun to imagine.