Nicoya, General

Because the Dice Have Been Rolled

As October arrives we are in the throws of transformation, the pace quickens and change is upon us.

A Grand Fire trine heats things up on the 6th and revitalizes our spirit, offering potential for growth and a renewed faith in the future. A large dose of creativity and optimism is available to us now, but requires that we use it to our advantage.

Question whether the path you have been walking is where you really want to go and recognize what is best left a by-gone; avoid outbursts by taking the time to meditate on your desires.

Replace vengeance with acceptance, rebelling against parts of yourself that would have you act from any place other than love. Get motivated to manifest change and channel excess energy into a treasure map of what is to come. Burn brightly, strengthening your belief in yourself and your passions. Take risks and seek out inspiration, drawing back the blinds to let the sunshine in.

A total Lunar eclipse arrives in fiery Aries on the 8th, reactivating the Cardinal Cross in place during April of 2014; we are all in for a big surprise as Uranus asks us to expect the unexpected and is prepared to liberate us at all costs. We have arrived at the turning point and now must be the change or be changed; culmination and completions are on the table and anything that is left to be addressed could arise out of the blue. Issues of individuality and togetherness come to the foreground and relationships are on the table; meaningful endings and beginnings arise as fate presses us to evolve in our ability to care for one another. Strip down the structural bones of your connection in order to decide if it is strong enough to weather the journey.

Karmic circumstances are unraveling the ties that bind us; those who have not prioritized the matters of the heart could discover that they have lost something important as our truest love is revealed. If you have been putting your own needs for security and power first, love is about to get the upper hand; if your grip has been too tight you may be asked to let go and trust, allowing space for compassion and understanding to surpass your own wants and needs.

Look closely at your relations in the areas of home, family, partnership and career, observing the ways in which you create imbalanced union; let it illuminate areas that are out of sync within you. Examine the home within yourself, what headspace are you living in? What walls are you using to confine yourself? Are you happy with your inner dwelling? How much of your self-esteem is derived from others appreciation? If all outside influences went away, how would you feel about yourself? What makes each day worth living? What is worth repairing and what would be best let go? At the end of the journey who do you want to be celebrating with? Turn the corner by embracing change and being honest with others about who you really are.

Release control and get centered, beginning to repair what has been broken. As the fires burn, ride the waves with finesse and be independent, trusting that you are worthy of believing in. Find freedom and pleasure in your originality, unlocking your libido and inviting latent sensuality out to play. Let higher awareness guide you towards divine synchronicity that appreciates your uniqueness, designed to refresh your soul and propel you into your future. Sexuality, leadership, anger, aggression, the masculine, action, faith, religion, partnership, dramatic events and earth changes are highlighted, hidden romance and relationships may come to light.

Mercury returns to Libra on the 11th, taking us back to the realm of communication and connection.

Clarity arrives, offering us the tools to work through disagreement in partnership. Look closely at the words you chose and the message you convey, noting the response you solicit; can you integrate this awareness and adjust your story to manifest a better outcome? Explore how the things that entertain you affect and influence your consciousness, beginning to clear your mind of the clutter. Shed light where there is ignorance, teaching what you know and learning what you don’t; epiphanies are possible as we accept that we cannot change others, we can only change ourselves.

If you need to take a stand for something that disappoints another, choose compassion over defensiveness, dressing your radical ideas in humbleness and authenticity. Create equal partnerships that benefits all parties, moving beyond the ego to the family, home and community. Psychic awareness grows stronger now, asking us to release the reflection in favor of the illumination coming from within. Decide what to manifest and get to work, maintaining a soft gaze that allows you to be guided by divine inspiration.