Because the Future is Ours

As August begins we are filled to the brim. The to-do list is a mile long. Social engagements abound. Trips are planned, and opportunities are line up for the future. The last month has birthed many new circumstances, the meaning of which is still unknown.

Each day is packed with the present, but our minds’ are littered with pieces of the past that have become clearer in hindsight. We have been ushered down a path that we had never previously thought possible. Get clear on any missed steps or unfinished business. Clean up your act as best you can. Give thanks for the blessings and give the rest to god. The alchemy that is possible in the future due to our current actions is not to be underestimated. So keep moving.

The planet is going through a rapid change, and it is our job to keep up. We must continue to feel the way forward, enjoying every moment. As we start to create a new way of being and doing in the world, there is much time for recalculation. World changes on a global scale are possible.

When the new moon in Leo arrives on the 6th, pick yourself up, and dust yourself off from any recent knockdowns or hiccups. Get over the inertia of late. Your inner dreams are showing up, and can no longer be ignored. It is time to take that leap towards manifesting your desires. So go to the gym, get back to nature, sign up for the classes and pay the bills. Start a bonfire and throw in everything that is preventing you from seeing clearly, hearing truth, and feeling aligned with your highest path and purpose. Stop caring about where you are going and begin dreaming about who you are becoming. It is time to be big. Do whatever needs to be done so that real forward movement towards your deepest goals can, once again, becomes a reality.