Because Time is of the Essence

As March opens we have arrived at a crossroads between the past and the future. The pace keeps quickening, and we are having trouble juggling all of the variables.

Events occurring since the beginning of the year were designed to bring us into the present moment and get us excited about the possibilities, as well as expose any wounds that are still in need of healing.

March will provide the balm for recent turmoil and help us to integrate all that has occurred. Grow conscious of anything building up in your physical, mental, emotional or energetic bodies. Acknowledge what may have been living in your blind spots and learn to have compassion for the parts of yourself that you would rather ignore. Decide whether a relationship is contributing to your development. Seek awareness around any extreme behavior, maturing your habits and patterns. We may soon find ourselves on new shores, as fate is about to deliver a change in the way we view our lives on a personal and collective level.

Stay focused on manifesting your dreams but don’t try to force anything to happen; use a renewed sense of optimism to assist you in letting go and learning to flow with the path of least resistance.

When the full moon arrived on the 5th in Virgo, numerous planetary energies are at play.

Financial and romantic matters are highlighted, as are issues of physical health, emotional healing, social and political justice.

Truth rises to the surface and the past may be exposed in order for learning and growth to occur. Raise your standards and do some internal housekeeping, deciding which aspects of your life can stay and which need to go.

Unearth any walls in place to protect you that are actually preventing you from achieving your desires. This may be the last chance to shoot for the moon before the winds of change wash in and carry away all that has not come to fruition. If you love someone, make a grand gesture to show them you care. If you chose to shut a door, trust that something better is waiting just around the corner. If you discover that you have been off base in your aim, ask yourself why you would chase after something that does not willingly support you… Discern your way through circumstances by seeking out daily routines that empower you to reconnect with Spirit. Focus your thoughts on appreciation for the good things. Try out a new way of being and shock the world by taking a stand for what you deserve. Take a risk, plant a seed.