Because We Are All in this Together

As September opens the way is paved and the ball is rolling. There is much on the horizon worth aiming towards.

New ideas that have been brewing are ready to begin taking shape in reality. We yearn for freedom, yet feel trapped by pre-existing conditions. Our inner fears and personal history have risen to the surface, demanding healing and closure. Take an honest review of where you are right now, and where you want to be going. Be gentle with yourself, moving slowly and efficiently as you begin to line up the variables. Dig deep to uproot flaws in your foundation. Maintain a smile as you strike a balance between releasing the old and embracing the new. Explore your personal history for insight and integration. Question how your destiny is connected to healing your wounds, and enhancing your ability to stay optimistic on the “hard knocks” road of life. Can you feel your way through any hurts or let downs of the past, as you move towards what you are wishing to become?

There is no such thing as a clean slate. Take solace in the knowledge that every event leading up till now was necessary to bring you here today.

When the new moon arrives on the early morning of the 5th in practical Virgo, we have been swimming in a sea of emotion for weeks.

Our systems are depleted. We are feeling sensitive and thin skinned, wearing our hearts on our sleeve. Use this lunation to begin to navigate towards shore.

Virgo helps us to understand the point where our individual being meets the physical plane, ruling over our bodies and showing us how we can be most effective here on earth. If you are feeling drained, harness the earths’ energy to restore your system. Spend quiet time outdoors, letting the natural rhythms infuse you with revitalizing energy. Quit addictions. Go for annual check ups. Pick up the slack on any dormant health regimes. When you care for your body you care for the natural world.

Begin to explore your relationship with the Life force by examining the foods that you eat, the thoughts that you think, and the activities that you chose to engage in. Listen to the animals. Harmonize with the trees. Let the symphony of the forest resonate within you. Cultivate your skills of hearing, discerning and responding to life’s signals and signs. Be wise in your reflection of nature. Let the beauty-full truth of the natural world awaken your deepest memories.