Break-ups, Shake-ups, and Make-ups

The full moon arrives in Gemini on the night of the 17th, accompanied by Uranus stationing direct in Aries.Energies run high, fireworks are possible and unexpected events are likely.

People are feeling edgy and making spontaneous choices; danger is afoot and the variables abound. Be careful and be aware. This is no time to lose yourself, as lighting could strike from out of the blue.

Information is flying and you may feel bombarded by circumstances in the world around you. Get caught up in the excitement, but keep your feet on the ground, allowing the electricity to pass through you. Clear your head. 

Over the next 5 months, things have been occurring behind the scenes will burst to the surface, creating shock and awe. The poles will shift, leaving our social sphere transformed. Stay balanced and graceful, taking the global winds in stride. Acknowledge the invisible threads that hold us all together. In order to learn how to respect each other, we must heal our hierarchies and hold hands with those less fortunate than ourselves. Decide where to dedicate yourself and then seek justice, promoting change for a better world.Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn on the 21st at Winter Solstice, asking us to clarify the parameters of what we are willing to accept for ourselves and in our lives.

While we work to right our connections and balance the masculine and feminine within, all around us as our world is reorganizing to awaken a new design. Political games and strategic choices take center stage. Sex and love are subjects of controversy, as is the career that we have chosen, and the journey that has brought us here today.

Break-ups, shake-ups, and make-ups are possible, and everyone has an opinion. Question the value of what you hold dear, making sure it’s worth is being measured in your heart. Look at how you chose to spend your time and money…it will tell you a lot about your priorities.

Pay attention to the checks and balances on your list of what creates an equal partnership in love and business, mulling over the pros and cons. Discern for yourself which differences you can tolerate, and which obstacles will only worsen with time. Some relationships will reach a crossroads where something must be given up in order to gain. Some projects will experience setbacks due to assumptions that misread the signals and the signs.

Psychic walls are lifting, and our feelings are giving way to an inner Knowing about each other, and the world at large. Use this newfound awareness to get to the heart of the matter. Stay proactive and iron out the kinks now, to prepare for what is to come.

The Christmas holidays could prove challenging if there are things that have been left unsaid. Throwing off shackles of the past is necessary, but must be done with kindness.  Old issues that are addressed now have the potential to heal us in miraculous ways, freeing up space in our lives, and in our world. Use inner wisdom, guiding beliefs, and gut truth to sail the storm. It is time to right our human relationships by learning how to let love in.

Make harmony, integrity, trust and fairness the bedrock for any future plans. Sharing yourself begins with accepting yourself, and bringing your cards to the table with the confidence that you are lovable and aligned. Spruce up your reality, decorating your choices with the colors and creations that feel good. Paint the walls of your life yellow! Pour generosity onto the one you love, sprinkle your friends with cinnamon and stardust. Light some candles, drink a little wine, and enjoy the holidays, trusting that there will soon come a time when just the right amount of pressure applied to your given circumstances will have the power to change your life forever. Busy yourself creating space; prepare for a revolution.Many blessings, happy turn of the seasons, and pura vida!