Nosara, Música

Easy Like Sunday Gathering

Join Costa Rica Yoga Spa for a Sunday full of movement, exploration, co-creation, and sensory indulgence!

We will begin at 3:30pm with a yoga session led by Marck and accompanied by Santos Sitar. Starting at 4:30pm, we will host a 2 hour 5Rhythms session, Pure Rhythm with Amber Ryan featuring live music by Santos Sitar and special guests. At 6:30pm, after we sweat and move ourselves into alignment, we will converge upon the Dining Area for a delectable, organic, fresh, nutritionally rich meal* prepared with love by Cherie Stamm. Following dinner at 7:30pm, we return to the Rancho for an evening jam session featuring the world-class sounds and vibrations of Santos Sitar, Ethnobotanical DJ and encapsulating trans-visuals by Dr.Ray. We will round the night out with a universal jam session. Don’t forget your instruments and imaginations for a mystical journey!!!

The Details:
3:30-4:15: Yoga with Marck
4:30- 6:30: Pure Rhythm Movement Live Set featuring Santos Sitar with Amber Ryan
6:30 Family Dinner
7:15 Comedy Show Laugh It Out with Justin Blackburn
7:45 Jam Session featuring Santos Sitar and Special Guests with Ethnobotanical DJ
9:00 Universal Jam Session

The Prices:
Pure Rhythms: $20
Dinner: $10*
Santos Concert: 2000 colones
Beer, wine, and snacks available.

*Dinner is by reservation only! Please make sure to confirm if you’d like to join in on the dinner portion of the evening. To confirm, email [email protected] or call 506.2682.0192

We have a special guest appearance not to be missed, initials B.M….. Come on out to find out!