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11 Reasons to Love Garza Beach

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The history of Garza Beach is just like that of Janet Jackson: She is beautiful, talented and charming but has always lived in the shadow of her ultra famous brother, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.


Something similar happens to Garza, for as charming and beautiful as it is, the popularity of Guiones Beach has always overshadowed it. However, The Voice of Guanacaste gives you 11 reasons to love it:


1.Even though it is high season, Garza is never crowded with many visitors, so its landscape is not marred by the noise of people.


2.Being a bay, there are very few currents, so the beach is wonderful for bathing and swimming in complete safety.


3. The only supermarket in town has everything at a good price, maybe not as cheap as in Nicoya, but they take credit cards.


4. Almost the entire shoreline is lined by palm trees, so it’s very easy to get there and look for  shade to rest from the sun.


5. At night, the beach is an ideal setting for an evening of passion under the stars (and since there aren’t many people, no one interrupts the show).


6. The beach is very safe, to the point where you can leave things in the sand and go back and find them again (but we don’t recommend being careless).


7. The main street is paved and runs parallel to the ocean, so you don’t need to have a 4×4 truck or to choke on dust to see the beach.


8. The town is still one of the few tons that you see on the coast that is unspoiled— it has humble houses and little infrastructure.


9. The sea life is abundant. At the far ends of the beach, many incredible reefs are formed for those who like snorkeling.


10. In the southern reef, you can do stand-up paddling and you can even watch the area whale sharks, which is the mascot.

11. It has local fish vendors and restaurants where you can eat the best ceviche on the Nicoyan coast, at a Tico price while watching the sunset.