$13,000 Invested to Remodel Guiones Tourism Police Station

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The remodeling process for the Guiones Tourist Police station finished on Friday, March 13, fulfilling one of the requirements the Ministry of Security had requested of the Nosara Security Association in order for the government body to pay the station’s rent.

According to Merry Cavanaugh, spokesperson for the Security Association, the total amount invested in the improvements was $13,000.

The construction company LHC renovated the station’s electric system, built a bedroom and bathroom for female officials and added a secure room to store guns, a new ventilation system, kitchen, waiting room, exterior dining room, an access sidewalk and new rain gutters. Plumbing drains were also re-routed.

A local businessperson, who preferred to remain anonymous, lent $7,200 to the association to be able to fulfill the deadline established by the Ministry of Security.

The rest of the money came from donations made by members of the community, in large part business owners, as well as funds raised through the 2015 Triple Crown surf tournament.

Nevertheless, the association still has to raise another $13,000 to meet their 2015 budget.

“We have finally turned a major corner with the government taking over all costs for the Tourist Police.  This will allow us to focus on new initiatives to improve security – cameras, warning signs, private initiatives, etc. but these will all depend on funding that we are able to raise,” explained Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh also said that since only 8% of the donations were made by private homeowners, there will be an effort to communicate with them so that they participate in the association’s initiatives.

“Businesses give because they know the reputation of the town is in danger, [but] homeowners aren’t really aware [of] what the security association is doing, so we need to do a better job communicating what we do,” added Cavanaugh.