20 companies sign commitment with the Voice of Guanacaste and promise to stop using single-use plastic goods.

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Some 20 companies in the province have already signed The Voice of Guanacaste’s public commitment, which is part of the #GuanacasteSinPlástico (Guanacaste Without Plastic) campaign, and have promised to stop using single-use plastic goods such as straws, glasses or disposable bags.  


The newspaper wants its readers to have the option of consuming at businesses that are in accordance with their values, said Sales Manager Jennifer Vega.


We want our readers to have the opportunity to chose restaurants and hotels that are making efforts to be environmentally friendly and, at the same time, to have all the information they need to be more critical as customers,” Vega said.   


She added that those who want to join the challenge only need to fill out this form and enter the required information about their brand:


Once signed, the business accepts that readers can denounce them publicly on social media if they don’t comply with the commitment.


For the newspaper’s web editor Roberto Acuña, these kinds of campaigns are consistent with the media outlet’s editorial direction.


“We are a media outlet that tries to publicize initiatives that protect the environment, such as associations that work on recycling projects or stories about sustainable entrepreneurship that serve as an example for others. At The Voice of Guanacaste we are interested in having a positive impact on the province,” Acuña said.  

The campaign will be in effect for the rest of 2017. At the end of each month the newspaper will publish the names of all the companies that said yes to #GuanacasteSinPlástico.


These are the brands that already signed the commitment with Guanacaste.

  • La Lonchera
  • La Malanoche
  • Producciones Dartempo
  • LocosCocos
  • Mandala
  • La sodita
  • Sea Bird Sailing Excursions
  • Lola’s
  • Grupo de proyección folclórica chorotega
  • Universidad Nacional
  • Guaria Tours & Transfers
  • Licorera Los Cartagos
  • Restaurante il Basiliico Nosara
  • Hotel Santa Ana
  • Hotel Harmony
  • Harbor Reef
  • OLIVAfilms
  • Cabinas y restaurante Safari Surf .
  • Rossi Dreams