38 Years Later: Pavement Will Reach Route 152 in Santa Cruz

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After decades of struggle and hope, the residents of Santa Cruz and around will finally have a road worthy of a tourist area.

On June 14th, work started with the paving of 13 kilometers of road from Santa Cruz center to the coast, passing through the communities of April 27, Villareal and Tamarindo beach.

Five bridges and sidewalks will also be part of the pavement process with a total cost of 4.387 million colones.

Raasa Construction Company SA is in charge of the project and according to Jose Luis Salas, CONAVI former director; the work will take about seven months.

The talks about this project began in 1978 with the need for a paved road to communicate the coast with Santa Cruz, due to the areas tourism potential. However, since then, all successive governments had only left promises unfulfilled.

In 2011, six companies participated in a public bid that was later rejected by the Contraloría General de la Republica (Government Accountability Office). Following this situation CONAVI asked the Contraloría to make a direct contract to expedite the process, and it was through this method that they managed to make the project.

Laura Chinchilla complain the delay in the start of the project and condemned the excessive bureaucracy: “My government struggles daily against an entire bureaucracy that although not elected by the people, ends up controlling and commanding what to do and when the work is materialize “she said.

Improvements to this route would give the counties of Santa Cruz and Nicoya an interconnection with major beaches of Santa Cruz such as Tamarindo, Langosta, and the Marino Las Baulas National Park.