If you live in Guanacaste and are at least 15 years old, apply for one of INA’s 600 scholarships

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

The National Learning Institute (INA- Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje) is offering more than 600 scholarships for people in Guanacaste to study English and CISCO courses (​​networks and technical support).

The scholarships are part of the institute’s new program called  “MÁS CAPAZ” (MORE CAPABLE) that the institute decided to inaugurate in the province after analyzing the demand for employment.

In a study, they identified that there are companies in the province that need workers with training in these areas. According to the training center analysis, the province will have more than 1,500 jobs in customer service and technical support in the next year and a half.

For several companies in the province, it’s a challenge to recruit workers who speak English at the required level. The same is true with technical skills in less common areas for their employability in Guanacaste.

In fact, according to the State of Education IV report, the universities in Guanacaste continue to focus on training talent in traditional careers such as tourism, administration, education or law and not in careers in strategic production areas such as engineering.

Full Scholarships

The scholarships available are aimed at people who are unemployed, informally or self-employed or those who have looked for work unsuccessfully. People who want to strengthen their professional resume can also take advantage of the scholarship.

The benefits cover the courses and financial support for personal expenses such as transportation, internet connectivity, food and housing.

The duration of the course, whether it is virtual or in person, and the deadline to apply varies according to each course available.

To take advantage of the scholarships you must:

  • Live in Guanacaste.
  • Be at least 15 years old.
  • Register on the National Employment Agency platform.
  • Be in a situation of extreme poverty, poverty or vulnerability.

Those who meet the requirements should go to the INA page, go to the “Becas MÁS CAPAZ” (MOST CAPABLE Scholarships) section and follow the instructions to apply for the scholarship. The institute’s staff will review applications to activate the profiles of people who meet the requirements, based on space availability.

If a person registers on the National Employment Agency platform, they will have the option to apply for as many courses [as they want],” explained the INA intermediary agent for the Chorotega region, Luisa Salas.

Slow Registration

According to INA’s regional director, Mario Chacon, the institution wants the largest number of people possible to register and use the platform regularly. Through the platform, in addition to the scholarships, they can learn about all the services offered by INA, such as studying in public and private training centers, both national and international, which have institutional accreditation.

“People registered on the platform will be visible to companies that are looking for talent. When companies are looking for human resources, they will get a hand from people who are on this platform, the profiles they have, and they will know exactly what human resources are available,”said Mario Chacon.

Registrations, however, aren’t progressing as hoped.

We’ve realized that the majority of people don’t complete the registration properly or 100 percent on the National Employment Agency’s platform,” the director indicated.

The institute confirmed that it will gradually expand the program to the rest of the country. You can read the conditions of the scholarship program here and request face-to-face appointments through this form.