A Guide to Voting Without Doubts at the Poll

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Deciding who will have the power in our canton for the next four years is not a decision to take lightly. On the contrary, it is a citizen’s duty to prepare and really be sure of who to vote for.

Coming up on February 7, 2016, the country will elect the 81 mayors who run the cantons and that is why we at The Voice of Guanacaste decided to visit the province’s 11 counties one by one and interview their more than 70 candidates.

In municipal session halls, libraries, some training room or another and available meeting rooms of different Red Cross offices, The Voice of Guanacaste met with the mayoral candidates and photographed and interviewed each one of them alike. In addition, we also included the eight candidates to lead the municipal district council of Colorado de Abangares.

Since September, our reporters and editors have been working on the logistics of coordinating with each one of the representatives of the different political parties so they could share their proposals for the canton.

Due to scheduling and availability conflicts, The Voice of Guanacastewas not able to include candidates Gerardo Guevara from the Libertarian Movement for Nicoya, Diogenes Mendez from the Citizen Action Party for Nandayure, Carlos Gerardo Cantillo from the National Liberation Party for Carrillo and Diego Angulo from the Christian Social Republican Party for Carrillo. In addition, the Broad Front Party representative for Cañas had not yet been determined.

So after a lot of work, time and love, we succeeded in finishing our special edition of candidates for mayor from the cantons of Guanacaste. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful to learn and connect with the ideas and proposals that you consider important to your community.