A One of a Kind Playlist to Enjoy Guanacaste

In the Voice’s newsroom, we took on the task of putting together a complete playlist of contemporary singers and songs that have left their musical footprint on the Internet. At first, we wanted to do it via Spotify, which we did, but we realized that many of them still aren’t on this platform so we decided to look for them elsewhere like on Youtube, SoundCloud or BandCamp. 

Our sources were our followers on social media that recommended artists like Guadalupe Urbina, Max Goldenberg, Olman Briceño and Nelly and Arend. 

We also consulted Cultural information systems and artists we already know to ask for recommendations of other singers in the region. We discovered the scene in the province goes beyond folklore music. There is cumbiam, reggae, trova, charanga and even rock and punk. 

If you want to find a full list we recommend visiting our website vozdeguanacaste.com and exploring all the tunes that fill our province with soul. Enjoy! 

Our playlist in Spotify:

Karol Cabalceta


Kaya Ruca 




Topo Sikosis 

Ensamble Santa Esperanza


La Rufa

Los de la bajura

Paisaje Ambar