A Season of Love with Felipe

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In Pinilla of Santa Cruz, An Audiovisual Producer Finds a Guanacaste Child Full of Pure Attitude

In front of the camera, Felipe Ramirez is a Don Juan. With his eyes half-closed, he lifts his chin and put his hands on his hips as if showing that he knows how to do this— to model, to be an actor and to be famous.

“Have you become very famous after the short film?,” I ask him.

“More or less,” he laughs.



The 8-year-old boy plays the leading role in Amor de Temporada (Love of the Season), a short film by Costa Rican photographer and audiovisual producer Sergio Pucci that went viral on social networks. So much so that it was played more than one million times.

Felipe, who appears in the short film as a lovesick boy, is a calm child. He lives in Pinilla, a picturesque town near Tamarindo Beach. However, many more Costa Ricans live there than foreigners.

With his mother, “Doña Chela,” and his little sister, Valentina (a fair-skinned redhead), he lives in a wooden house in the town center, where everyone knows their neighbors and many are family.

He loves to go out and play on the beach, collect shells in the sand and walk on the rocks. He lives very close to Avellanas but doesn’t go to the ocean very often because his mother spends her time working in houses to support the family.

When Pucci came to the town to do casting, a friend of Doña Chela asked her permission to take him. “He liked him, said he was going to see other kids in Tamarindo and in an hour, he returned and said he gave him the role,” she recalls.

This child, so photogenic, natural, seems to have everything to make it in front of the cameras. For now, he says he could also succeed behind them, since he would like to be a photographer.