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A Taste of India and Pakistan

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Janet and Mark Galbraith started delivering some spiced-up Indian and Pakistani dishes to Organico Deli Market and Super Nosara in late April. The couple, who are both fans of these two cuisines, took their hobby of cooking to the next level when they decided to share it with the community through Curry In A Hurry.

Every Monday night, the two make a fresh batch of Cauliflower Curry, Pakistani Spicy Garbanzo Bean and Lentil Dal to be delivered Tuesday morning, using locally produced organic ingredients as much as they can. The stores keep these vegetarian dishes in their fridges until Sunday.

At Organico Deli Market, an 8-ounce size costs 2100 colones (about $4.20) and a 16-ounce portion sells for 3900 colones (about $7.80). Super Nosara stocks the 8-ounce size for 1875 colones ($3.75) and 16 ounces for 3375 colones ($6.75). 

Rice and raita are suggested to accompany these mildly spiced dishes, which also go great with a cold beer. They also offer catering to small groups and families and can be reached at 2682-5273 or via their Facebook page,