ADIN Looks for $2 Million in Funding for Recreational Park in Nosara

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With the help of different public institutions, the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN- Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara) is looking for financing for the Nosara Park, a giant recreational and cultural center for the community.


According to the president of ADIN, Marcos Avila, last year, they made the design for the complex in order to present it to different institutions like INDER, IMAS, DINADECO, INA, the Ministry of Culture, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the Municipality of Nicoya.


Avila said the project has a cost of $2 million.


The Nosara Park would be built on the property that belongs to ADIN that is located at the intersection of San Pedro and Santa Teresa of Nosara, which has an area of nearly seven hectares (17 acres). That is where the fiestas are currently held.


This land was purchased in October of 2014 at a cost of more than ¢185 billion ($350,000). The contract was drawn up so that they would have to pay $25,000 annually for the first three years and then $35,000 per year until the account is paid off.


The ADIN complex will include a skate park, an ecological stadium, an Olympic swimming pool, a tennis court, a business area, the fairgrounds with a bull riding ring and a playground area.


“We believe that the only way to tackle the problem of drug abuse, and the many cases of teenage pregnancies, is giving young people places where they can develop,” Avila commented.


The property will also include an educational building for different universities to give courses or workshops. In addition, an office is also being included in the design to host meetings for ADIN’s most ambitious project: the formation of a Nosara Municipal District Council.


Jonatan Soto, one of the architects who made the design, thinks that the big news about the park is that it seeks to create a town center.


“The idea is to generate a city center. The idea is that it is where the entire administrative and athletic parts are, but it is a very different center from what is usually conceived. This is called urban acupuncture, and what it does is make a small intervention that generates a flow around it,” Soto remarked.

With the design in hand, ADIN will devote a large part of 2016 to looking for funding and alliances with strategic entities to achieve the park’s construction.

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