ADIN May Declare President Chinchilla Non Grata

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The Development Association of Nosara (ADIN – Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara), may declare Laura Chinchilla, President of the Republic, as non grata (undesirable person), for having not given specific explanations for the paving of Route 160, feeling deceived by the government.

Marcos Avila, president of the ADIN, said that they will travel to the office of Peter Castro, Minister of Public Works and Transport (MOPT – Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes), to demand government solutions. Avila said they will be “quite demanding.”

The decision was taken at ADIN’s third Ordinary Assembly, which took place on Saturday, September 28th. The event was attended by over 80 people and was the largest in recent times, which, to those present, seemed to represent the awakening of interest among Nosareños about problems that afflict them.

During the assembly, Marcos Avila and the six other members of the association achieved approval by majority vote of the reform of the statutes, dating from 1974, which will allow the organization to have more capacity to manage public funds and leeway in decision making.

In addition, an aggressive work plan was presented and submitted for approval. It includes projects such as building a daytime home for the elderly people, the purchase of property for the construction of a fairground, and continued support for the creation of a county called “costa del sol,” which includes the districts of Samara , Nosara and Cuajiniquil.

ADIN also seeks to create the School of Music in Nosara, organize the popular festivals “Nosara 2014,” manage the construction of a second EBAIS for Nosara and a new police station, and will also work in the recovery of green areas and the formation of the community’s sports committee.

The work plan was approved by the majority of the assembly members. The result of the vote was 67 in favor, two against and three invalid votes.

During the assembly, the financial report for the period 2012-2013 was presented by the treasurer Juan Luis Ramirez, who indicated that 30 million colones were received in revenue and that the amount of expenditure was very similar.

The major actions undertaken month by month were recounted, which include road maintenance. For its part, the association’s fiscal, Anabelle Álvarez declared that all members have fulfilled their duties responsibly and that everything was done transparently.

At the end of the meeting, which lasted for over three hours, Avila reiterated that, “We have been too conformist,” and that “it’s time to demand real solutions from the authorities, and I request the Nosareños be willing to make themselves felt on a massive scale.”