Region, Nosara

ADIN Moves Forward with Plans to Form Municipal District Council

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Marcos Avila, president of the Nosara Development Association (ADIN – Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara), reported that the organization is working arduously towards the creation of a Municipal District Council, which would give autonomy to the district.

If they are able to do so, one of the most important results would be the ability to control and manage revenue from taxes and permits. Avila said that according to data received from the municipality, currently that revenue amounts to some ₡200 million ($400,000) monthly, little of which is reinvested in Nosara.

To move forward with the process, a meeting will be held with the advisors for the Municipal Council of Colorado de Abangares since their experience will be a valuable source of information. In addition, the organization must determine the budget for the project and convince at least 13% of the electorate in the canton of Nicoya to vote in favor in a referendum that would have to be held to obtain the creation of the Municipal Council of Nosara.