ADIN Named New Members and Approved Lot Donation for a Senior Citizen Center

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On March 9 at 4 p.m. an extraordinary assembly was held by the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN) to replace some members of the board of directors. The meeting was attended by 74 neighbors, which was a good attendance in the opinion of the organizers.

The first order of duty was naming two new members after the resignation of the vice president, Jose Carlos Lopez, for work-related reasons and of the treasurer, Zeidi Ugalde, who said that health problems impeded her from continuing in her post. As substitutes, Martin Chacon was named vice president, Juan Luis Ramirez is the new treasurer and finally Anabel Alvarez was named fiscal.  

Marcos Avila continues as the president of ADIN, Jorge Arrieta as secretary, Luz Mariana Cordero as first vocal and Danilo Montero as second vocal.

As soon as the new members were named, they proceeded to approve the donation of a 3,572-square-meter lot to the Association Pro Diurnal Center for the Senior Citizens of Nosara (Asociación Pro Centro Diurno al Adulto Mayor de Nosara), for the construction of a Senior Citizen Day Center financed by the Social Protection Board of San Jose (La Junta de Protección Social de San José). The lot is located 150 meters south of the EBAIS clinic.

In February of 2012, the Municipality of Nicoya had purchased a 1,700-square-meter lot for the purpose of building a home for the elderly; however Avila explained that after buying the land they found out about a rule that doesn’t permit the municipality to donate to private associations. Fortunately, the development association can, so they decided to donate a lot that they bought a few years ago with the intention of building a multipurpose hall that still hasn’t happened. At the same time, the municipality should donate the lot bought in February to ADIN for another future project. 

Avila said that the first phase of the construction of the diurnal center where senior citizens can go during the day has an estimated cost of 120 million colones ($240,000). Later, in a second phase, they hope to create a nocturnal center where neglected elderly people can spend the nights.