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ADIN to Form Nosara Sports Committee

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With the intention of promoting sports and renewing Nosara’s soccer fields, the Development Association of Nosara (ADIN – Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara) is convening residents of the coastal district so that those interested can join the organization and form a district sports committee.

Marcos Avila, ADIN’s president, explained that the call to meeting has the goal of stimulating interest among Nosarans to get involved in the development of spaces used for cultural, sports and learning activities.

“We have announced the invitation through ADIN’s Facebook page so people come and get involved,” explained Avila.

The committee will be attached to ADIN and have its own autonomy. Its main purpose will be to administer the community’s multipurpose facility, which is under construction and will be used for a diverse array of activities. The committee would also manage resources for the maintenance of the district’s soccer fields.

According to Avila, the subject of the soccer fields in Nosara is problematic, due to the fact that the majority of the fields do not have legal documents up to date and because some do not even have a deed for the property.

“The only field in the district that is up to date is the one in Santa Marta,” Avila mentioned, who also said that if the properties aren’t deeded to ADIN or the Canton Sports Committee, it won’t be possible for the organization that manages them to receive municipal or other government resources.

In December 2013, the Nicoya Municipal Council decided to suspend Lidieth Prendas Hernandez, the president of the board of education at Serapio Lopez School in Nosara, for having illegally created a sports committee. In her defense, Prendas Hernandez explained that she did not act as president of the Board of Education nor by her own wishes in naming the sports committee.

Article 166 of the municipal code states that the canton’s sports committee has the exclusive right to name community sports committees. According to Ruth Paniagua, president of the canton’s sports committee, they are aware of ADIN’s initiative. She said that they are just waiting for the invitation to arrive to proceed with the nomination and swearing in of the committee.

Marcos Avila said that the committee’s election will take place during the third week of May and that it would begin to operate this coming June.

“Only as long as there is unity and cooperation among all residents will we be able to progress and achieve the true transformation of our community into a better place to live.”