ADIN to Seek More Members During Next Election

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The elections of the Nosara Development Association (ADIN – Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara) will be held on July 19; perhaps many think it is difficult to become a member. However, the list of requirements is accessible for the great majority of people.

Its members can be young (over just twelve years old), and foreigners with legal status can also join the association. In both cases, new members should present their identification and a document – an electric bill, for example – that proves their residence in Nosara.

The fastest way to join is to attend the assembly of the association, also on July 19th, and sign the minutes from the meeting. The advantage of joining on the 19th is that the applicant becomes a member immediately.

Those who are unable to be present for the assembly can request membership in written form through the new board of directors, which would then have a month to respond to the request.

In case the applicant does not receive a response within a month, it is considered that their request was approved.  If the person is admitted by an agreement by the board, the date of admission is noted in the register or the affiliation book. The person acquires all of the rights and obligations of membership a month after they were accepted.

If the board of directors does not accept their request, the applicant can appeal the decision before the board of directors or through an appeal at the next assembly, according to the regulations established by Law 3859 of the National Direction of Community Development (DINADECO – Dirección Nacional de Desarrollo Comunal).

Marcos Avila, President of ADIN, reported that currently the association has 135 members, of which at least 68 have to be present in the Nosara Multipurpose Facility at 3 p.m. to have the minimum attendance required to hold the assembly.

If that number of members is not met, after an hour a second roll call will be made, at which point 25% of the members of ADIN need to be present to hold the meeting.

Avila called on all residents of the community to come to the assembly on July 19 and become part of the association. “We want the majority of residents to attend and become active members to continue with development projects in Nosara,” he explained.

The projects that ADIN has been developing include the formation of a Nosara District Council, which would give the district more autonomy to administer and manage resources in areas such as education, infrastructure, health and residents’ security, among others.