Administrative Warnings Removed in Part of Playa Pelada in Nosara

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On May 2, the National Registry of Costa Rica removed administrative warnings for more than 100 properties located in the area known as section C in the center of Playas Peladas of Nosara.

According to Oscar Rodríguez Sanchez, director of the National Registry, the warnings have now been removed from the institution’s website, which means that sales, divisions or constructions done with these properties will not have any registry annotation.

A year ago, in May of 2015, the National Registry issued administrative warnings for 618 properties. The properties are part of the investigation process that the institution initiated to resolve some alleged registry inconsistencies and contradictions found in a large portion of what makes up the so-called American Project, now known as Playas de Nosara.



An administrative warning has registry marketing effects, which means that it serves to inform others that there is an internal administrative proceeding, an investigation that will determine whether or not registry anomalies exist.

Why Were the Warnings Removed?

“The absence of land plot contradictions was the reason that led to lifting the cautionary measure,” explained Rodríguez Sánchez.

The estate analyzed belonging to the C section of Pelada was segregated in 1981 with 231 hectares (570 acres), but it was mistakenly entered as if the estate being divided was 7302— the estate that gave rise to the so-called American Project in Nosara in 1970.

Estate 7302 is in the mountains called Las Huacas and La Tigra, behind Guiones Beach, while the estate in section C is in the central area of Playa Pelada, which means that since they are two different estates, there is no overlap and third parties are not affected.