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Adrian Robert Steals the Show at the Track in Nosara

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It was impressive to see the motocross veteran competing with young people in the expert category – no one could put up a fight.

Adrian Robert is simply fast and agile on his KTM250. His long career in motocross and good physical condition, despite being 47 years old, make him difficult to beat. Even though he only raced to add to the show, he was obviously the best.

The second event in the Guanacaste motocross tournament was held Sunday, March 16 at the “Brava” track in Nosara. It included categories for children, novices, pre-experts and experts. Around 500 people paid 3,000 colones ($6) to be present for the competition, at a track that is quite unsafe, putting attendees in danger.

Due to the lack of a protective wall and guards to restrict where fans stand, one of the competitors left the track and lost control among several people, some of whom were children.

Luckily, only a few people suffered minor injuries as a result, but the accident could have had serious consequences. It could have been prevented by clearly marking safe areas for spectators and installing some kind of containment barrier.