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Advertorial: Almacenes El Rey is committed to expanding in Guanacaste with a new store in Nicoya

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Almacenes El Rey continues to grow in the country with the opening of a new location in Nicoya, providing more than 20 direct jobs for residents of the canton. In addition to this one, El Rey has also opened two other stores this year in the province of Guanacaste, located in Liberia and Santa Cruz.

In each of them, people in Guanacaste can find everything they need in bookstore, hardware, party, home, clothing, confectionery, automotive, pets and more.

The new warehouse is located 350 meters south of KFC, diagonal to Auto Repuestos Halcón and will open its doors to the public on Saturday, October 30 at 9 a.m. m.

As part of the inauguration, Almacenes El Rey will have royalties for the first

300 people who make purchases over ₡ 5,000 (about $7), as well as promotions, launching of new products and activities by suppliers and sponsors.

Company with a Tico heart

The 100% Costa Rican capital company opened its doors for the first time in 1997, with a store in the province of Alajuela. In 24 years, it has managed to expand throughout the country and currently has more than 17 branches in all provinces.

For more than two decades in the market, the company has been characterized as an employer brand, made up of a family of more than 1,000 employees with quality customer service.

The innovation and variety of the products have also been key to maintaining the taste and preference of the Ticos.

Guanacaste: key area

Data from the Federated College of Engineers and Architects (CFIA) show growth in construction development in the province. According to the records, the intention to build in the Chorotega Region grew 11% when comparing the first quarter of this year with the previous one.

For the Marketing Manager of Almacenes El Rey, José Mario Rodríguez, the commercial development of Guanacaste makes it a key area for the establishment of new stores and the growth and impact of the company.

With this opening we are working on several objectives, such as contributing to the reactivation

of the economy in different rural areas of Costa Rica, in addition to the fact that Nicoyans

have at their disposal the wide variety of products that Almacenes El Rey handles in

their different departments ”, indicated Rodríguez.

In addition, the place contributes to the generation of employment in an area affected by the pandemic and the lack of job opportunities. The unemployment rate in the province is 17.9%, very close to the national unemployment average, which was 18.1%, according to the Continuous Employment Survey for the second quarter of 2021. Almacenes El Rey employs 60 residents in Guanacaste with its three stores.