Advertorial: Inder Investments in Guanacaste Grew by 560% in the Last Four Years

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The resources invested by Inder in the four rural territories of Guanacaste went from ₡440 millions in 2013 to ₡2.498 millions in July 2017.


This year, the Executive President of Inder, Ricardo Rodríguez Barquero, handed in some of the projects and informed the amount of progress in others. Between them, the following stand out:


  1. Cultural Center Guanacasteca El Guarco: A community rural tourism project to strengthen aspects of rural culture. An estate was adquired for ₡238 millions and investments have been made, such as transfer of funds, road improvement and construction of a “tortillería” for ₡414 millions.
  2. Food Processing and marketing centers of Bagatzi:  180 m2 were broaden so that the Agroecological Association could access the institutional supplying of the CNP (National Counsil of Production). The investment was of ₡117 millions. Equipment was installed with resources given by the MAG (Agricultural and Cattle Raising Ministry), for ₡110 millions. The investment of ₡40 millions benefited 21 families.
  3. Dairies in La Poma settlement, in Tilarán: It is an estate of 126 hectares, in which there are a series of little diaries. Inder has invested more than ₡200 millions in roads, electricity, milk cows and materials.
  4. Also, in 2017, more projects that will impact positively the quality of people’s lives will come:
  5. New orange farming model in Hojancha– Nandayure: It is a project boosted by Coopecerroazul, Coopepilangosta and the Government. Its objective is that micro, small and medium producers can be part of a sustained economical growth with 52 hectares for plantations and the establishment of the recycling center. The investment is of ₡475 millions for the purchase of land and infrastructure. INA, IMAS, Infocoop and MAG will participate.
  6. Construction of the Secondary Network of the South Channel, tract II: Thanks to the investment of Senara, the introduction of low irrigation agriculture and product commercialization becomes possible. 70% of the estates will benefit and terrains of the plots for the sustained growth of rice, sugar cane, pasture and grass will be enabled;  there could be even melon, watermelon and fruit trees crops. Inder will invest in its first stage ₡250 millions. The total cost of the project will be $2 millions.