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Advertorial-Technology, Art and Positive Values in the Prof. Saul Cardenas Cubillo Educational Center

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Amid a large campus with beautiful gardens, children converge each day from Nicoya, Nandayure, Jicaral, Santa Cruz and other communities to study at Prof. Saul Cardenas Cubillo School, located 300 meters west of the Chorotega stadium in downtown Nicoya. The institution, which is duly recognized by the Private Education Administration of the Ministry of Public Education, offers a high quality education at the preschool, primary and secondary levels.

For this educational center, the technological component is a key ally in the teaching-learning process of their students, so they have interactive whiteboards to use in their classes each day, while at the same time incorporating and promoting the use of the technological resources that the students and their families have to learn and research. Who says you can’t learn while using a cell phone? In this school, they firmly believe in technology and art as catalysts for pedagogical processes and it shows in the classrooms, which also have good lighting and large windows to brightenthe atmosphere with the greenery oftheir gardens.

A full-time psychologist supports the processes of the children and adolescents studying in this Guanacaste school, where they believe more in positive behavioral correction rather than traditional disciplinary methods. They teach students the value of their rights and duties, empathy, social responsibility and the desire for continuous improvement through an innovative process of support that respects their identity and emotions, which achieves wonderful results.

Academic excellence and love for sports, family and country are elements that are present in the daily work of the Prof. Saul Cardenas Cubillo Educational Center, which hopes to formally become a bilingual school very soon, and they are working hard toward that now, incorporating lessons in English and creating an environment that fosters the development of activities and content in that foreign language. 

Throughout the month of November, they will have open enrollment at all levels for the 2016 academic year. You can visit the institution’s website at or send an email to info@ as well as visiting the school premises to talk with the director and see for yourselves that we have magnificent educational options in Guanacaste for our children and adolescents. Schedule your appointment by calling 2686-4838 and get an inside look at the complete educational offerings and the cozy atmosphere of this educational center.