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Ageco Works to Conserve Guanacaste’s Blue Zone

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The fact that the Nicoya Peninsula is one of the world’s five blue zones doesn’t mean that it will be forever, especially if the elderly stop practicing what is called active, healthy aging.

That’s why the non-governmental Costa Rican Gerontology Association (Ageco) is working on the promotion of active aging, creating spaces for social participation, promoting exercise among citizens and respect for the rights of the elderly in Guanacaste and the rest of the country.

Ageco was founded on October 15, 1980 with the purpose of studying the conditions, necessities and demands of senior citizens. Since 2012, this organization has fostered sporting and mental health activities for people over 50 in the Nicoya canton. Currently, there are two groups in the Nicoya district and also in the communities of Corralillo, Belén, Nosara, Moracia and Zapote.



The classes they give in the Nicoyan communities go over topics such as human rights for the elderly, mental stimulation, human relations and strengthening group working, among other subjects.

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Liberia is another of the cantons where Ageco promotes education and recreation for seniors. Currently, at the old school in Santa Ana, Liberia, there are more than 50 people signed up for the organization’s programs.



For 2018, they will open classes in computers, use of intelligent devices (android cell phones), mental stimulation, painting, dancing, physical conditioning and dance exercises.

Enrollment will be open from Tuesday, January 23 to 26 from 9am to 12 noon. The programs last 12 weeks and classes will start the week of February 5. Classes cost between ¢13,000 ($23.00) and ¢30,000 ($53.00) per period. For more information about the community classes in Nicoya you can call 2542-4500. In the case of classes in Liberia, the telephone number for information is: 8410-8655.