Agreement Will Bring INA Courses to Nosara

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Residents of Nosara will no longer have to travel to downtown Nicoya to get training in bartending, cooking, and English from the National Training Institute (in Spanish, INA).

This will be possible thanks to an agreement among the Integral Development Association of Nosara (in Spanish, ADIN), and the Fundación Edunámica de Costa Rica.

ADIN will build two classrooms behind the Association’s offices, said Marco Avila, the Association’s president. The rooms will serve as a provisional space for students to receive training, said Óscar López, president of the Fundación Edunámica de Costa Rica.

The cost to remodel and equip these classrooms is ¢40 million. The funds come from donations Edunámica received from private donors in Europe.

López expects the classrooms to be ready by next June. Classes are projected to begin in August.

The ADIN also transferred a 14,000-square-meter property, located in Barrio San Pedro, to the Fundación Edunámica so the INA can build new facilities in Nosara. López estimated that this could happen in 2018 or 2019, but it all depends on how much residents use the classrooms that will be ready in June.

According to information provided in the agreement, 75% of Nosara and Sámara’s residents do not have a high school education. Of those who have graduated, 15% leave high school and look for technical education.

The agreement also states that a large part of work opportunities lie within the hospitality sector: in 2012 there were 60 hotels with more than 400 employees in Nosara and Sámara.