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Al Chile Mexican Restaurant: Home of Great Tacos

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Following the closing of Campesino Bistro, which was located in The Sunset Shack hostel in Playa Guiones, the hostel’s administration decided to open their own restaurant, inspired by Mexican taco shops in the United States.

The restaurant Al Chile opened at the end of July with a menu of tacos and burritos. All ingredients are fresh, including the corn tortillas used for tacos and the wheat tortillas used for burritos.

Orders are prepared quickly and served on a comal (a traditional ceramic dish used to cook tortillas) with two tacos or burritos. Plates also include two sauces of your choice and an organic salad with arugula, kale and mint.

The meats are high quality and slow-cooked, keeping them juicy. Another highlight is that there are more than 10 different sauces available to compliment diners’ dishes and add flavor, including cashew, chipotle, green tomatillo and chile pasillo (a variety of dried chili pepper), among others.

The house recommendation is the carne al pastor (marinated meat) with a roasted pineapple sauce, which costs ¢4.000 ($7.40) for tacos or ¢4.500 ($8.30) for burritos. The costilla borracha (“drunk ribs”), marinated in dark beer, is another favorite dish that costs ¢5.000 ($9.25) for tacos or ¢5.500 ($10.15) for burritos.

To drink, there are frescas, which are fruit juices with shaved ice, for ¢2.000 ($3.70) and four types of margaritas that range in price from ¢3.000 ($5.55) to ¢5.000 ($9.25), depending on the type of tequila, be it classic, mandarin or rosemary.

Al Chile is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day except Tuesdays, when it is closed.