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Alcohol Ruled out as Cause of Motorcycle Accident in Esperanza de Nosara

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According to a report by the Transportation Police of Nicoya, and contrary to information previously provided to The Voice of Guanacaste by Omar Chavarria, chief of the Nicoya Public Force, there was in fact an alcohol test performed on the motorcyclist with the last names Arias Ruiz who collided with a Toyota Rav4, causing the death of one man.

The tragic motorcycle accident, which happened on August 18, resulted in the death of Juan Felix Dias Castillo, a 40 year-old Nosara resident who worked as a gardener at 506 Tennis Center.

The Transportation report indicated that the test performed on Arias Ruiz showed 0.10 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, which is below the legally-allowed amount of 0.75 grams per liter, representing some six alcoholic beverages.

According to a Nicoya transportation official, who asked to remain anonymous, with that level of alcohol it is impossible that the driver lost control. He dismissed that alcohol played a role in the accident.

The official reported that the accident was possibly caused by the driver of the Toyota, Lauren Crimdiull, who did not stop to look both ways for oncoming traffic before exiting a private school. The motorcycle was traveling fast when it collided with the car. Crimdiull was accompanied by two youths at the time of the accident.

According to Roxana Zuñiga, the victim’s cousin, Diaz Castillo’s body fell eight meters away from the motorcycle.

Diaz Castillo was taken from the scene in a state of neurological death, which is why he was sent to Hospital Mexico, where he was declared dead hours later. Arias suffered some fractures to his lower limbs and was hospitalized; he is now at home.

According to the police report, neither of the motorcycle riders was wearing a helmet.