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All-Natural Smoothies in Nicoya

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On Nicoya’s main road, Fulvio Miranda is famous for his healthy smoothies. Fruteria y Batidos al Natural is located on Nicoya’s main road, across from the Ministry of Health in the Los Angeles neighborhood.

Miranda started the business seven years ago, selling only medicinal herbs. He later incorporated juices and fruits. The business is very colorful inside and outside. A variety of fruits hang from the walls, whetting the appetite for a fresh smoothie.

The smoothies are 100% natural, without preservatives and made to order, with sugar, honey, Splenda or unsweetened. He also uses ingredients to compliment the smoothies, such as pollen, vanilla, cream, chocolate, ground linseed and aloe.

Their names are as original as the recipes. On the menu you’ll find “El que levantó a Lázaro” (The One that Woke Up Lazarus) made with papaya, melon, banana, cream and milk, “Gato Echao” (Thrown Out Cat) made with orange juice, pollen and aloe to revitalize and energize, and “Levanta muertos” (Wake the Dead) with beets, carrots and other ingredients to boost the immune system.

The most popular, says Miranda, is the digestion/weight loss smoothie with parsley, pineapple and cucumber, as well as the refreshing smoothie, with watermelon, apple and strawberry.

All smoothies cost 1,000 colones ($2) and those with aloe cost 1,500 colones ($3). Hours: Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Telephone: 2686-4769.