Among the Paths: Cerro Negro

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The breeze is fresh in the morning and the heat is not stifling during midday. The view is expansive, sweeping and green. Its land is fertile and pure; its people are hard working and full of dreams. The community of Cerro Negro (Black Hill) is located 900 meters above sea level, where 12 families live. Renamed “Cerro Verde” (Green Hill) by the new generation of farmers, the Barrantes, Cerdas, Martinez and Vega families have been struggling for food sovereignty and traditional organic farming for more than 20 years, getting involved in the production, dispatch and delivery of food, as well as creating and applying fertilizers and compost for organic processes.

The area is surrounded by Hojoche trees, an ancestral food used by the Chorotegas, which is considered the key product of the area due to its variety of nutrients. It is harvested during the months of June and July.

In the next year, they hope to make cabins and create a food bank to distribute their products to visitors and surrounding areas such as Santa Cruz, Tamarindo, Nicoya and Nosara. Likewise, they have a project to make the Hojoche Route, a road that will connect the area with Nicoya and Santa Cruz, facilitating rural tourism.

The closest pulperia (small general store) is located in La Virginia.

To arrange accommodations or place orders, you can contact Alvin Cerdas 8567-96338 or Minor Barrantes al 8832-9124 

Directions: From Nicoya , take Route 150 to Samara through Caimital and Caimitalito for 13km until the Bar Tilapias .Then advance 17km westward through Gamalotal , La Virginia and Miramar. At the crossroads of Miramar where there is Y, turn right and continue for 7km until reaching the sign up of Rural Ecological right.