Among the Paths: Corralillo

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Located fourteen kilometers northeast of Nicoya, Corralillo forms part of the third district of San Antonio and borders Barra Honda National Park. The town has approximately 350 homes with 800 residents who mostly earn a living through agriculture and livestock.

Small plots of corn, called milpas, have been cultivated since the age of the Chorotegas and the tradition is still maintained through recipes based on the grain. Starting early in the morning, as if it were a ritual, older women gather to cook with firewood ovens and stoves, which are fundamental elements that add traditional flavor to Guanacaste’s cooking.

According to Juan Rafael Fonseca, a teacher at the Corralillo Technical Professional High School, since 2000 they have been celebrating the Tortilla Festival during the cultural week of the Annexation of Nicoya Fiestas. The festival has elevated Corralillo’s name nationally, bringing together more than 3,000 spectators from all over the country.

The community has four stores. For lodging information, call Soda Jazmin at 2687-8738.

Directions to Corralillo

From the main intersection of Nicoya (where Burger King is located), take route 150 towards San Antonio and continue nine kilometers to the northeast, arriving at the San Antonio intersection. There, turn right and go to the next intersection, where you will see Bar Leda. Turn right, and continue one kilometer until you arrive in Corralillo’s center.