An Inside Look at Azul Plata

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Being a professional musician in Guanacaste is not easy. But in the midst of a life of sacrifice, long hours of work, physical exhaustion, constant touring and rehearsals, the group Azul Plata seems to have found the perfect formula for success.


This Latin music group got its start 13 years ago in Bejuco of Nandayure. In the beginning, it was a family formed by brothers and current vocalists Donald and Durman Vasquez. Today, the group has eight musicians who are from Santa Cruz, Bejuco and Bagaces. Some are studying and others are dedicated solely to music, they travel as a group to play at dances and concerts about four times a week.


Playing with this tropical music group is a job that also involves five more staff members, who, like the musicians, receive a salary to support their families.


After some ups and downs along the way and hard work during the past two years, Azul Plata has become established as an important role model for Latin music in the Guanacaste lowlands, with many performances around the country, three albums and 33 singles to their credit.

Like a football team where everyone has a clear responsibility, they meet at Donald’s house every week to work on their strengths and weaknesses. And in this way, following a routine and a very methodical manner of working, they hope to go much further together.