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And Where Are The Ones Who Have Stolen From Me?

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It tends to be disheartening to get home or somewhere and find everything strewn all over the place because someone has broken in, or to be walking along and suddenly have everything taken from you. Then you find yourself spouting exclamatory sentences like: Why are they so…. etc., etc.? Is it for greed of money that they steal? Could it be that material goods are what they most desire and that’s why they take them? For many, the answer is yes. This is usually what a person thinks when stripped of his or her belongings. However, it’s worthwhile to dig deeper and find out whether there is something besides coveting what belongs to another.

It’s possible that those who steal need other things and not just the items they steal. And moreover, it could be that no one knows these needs, sometimes not even the thieves themselves. Usually they can never be met. Can we imagine it? What would it be like to never have what we want and despite stealing again and again, never feel satisfied? It is a fact that stealing something does not really give them what they need because in the end they don’t keep it to use it, and the value they place on what they stole is not even close to the real value. Then they do it again and again since there is no way to fill a psychological void with something physical, be it a phone or a computer for example.

In this way, if the void is not satisfied by what is obtained, in this case the possession stolen, then we are talking about something that has no value for me, so I sell it at a price that is generally well below what it cost the person from whom I stole it. Also because what I stole means nothing to me, because after all I don’t need anything that others have to be happy, but if I think I need it to live and moreover that they owe it to me, because others owe me, although I could live without the possessions of others, it’s just that I haven’t yet decided to do so.

Why? Why choose this way of life? Well, for many this is rooted in an “easy” way of life and they brand those who do it as people who do not care about others, ending up saying that they are lazy, that they don’t like to work and that life has not taught them to live with dignity but rather in the shadow of disrespect for others and what belongs to others. However, others would say that they are people to whom life has given very bad experiences and who have not known love from others, just mistreatment, disapproval and labeling, who have never seen opportunities throughout the years and much less had one presented at their door, and mainly for all of these reasons they believe that society owes them.

One day when everyone, both those who rob and those who have been robbed, stop pitying themselves and stop seeing the errors of others as the main reason for their present sorrows and losses, then we will do something to help ourselves and look for a solution that benefits everyone. That is to say, if I was robbed, what am I going to do? Let’s ask about alternatives and proposals that we have to work for a better society and please stop wanting to send everyone to jail now. Are we going to want Costa Rica to be free but to be a prisoner itself and because of itself? See for yourself that we already have several million in jail. It is a national emergency, a need for more intelligent and beneficial ideas for everyone. What are you going to propose today?