Annexation 2015: Fiesta Night, Trash Day

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The night scene of the Nicoya Annexation celebrations was the best for spending time together, eating, and enjoying music, but in the morning, it looked like a garbage dump. 


The excuse of those who attend the festivities is always the same: “There weren’t any garbage cans nearby.” However, this year, the Municipality set up five garbage separation posts in addition to the ones that are located in the park.  


According to Elizabeth Fernandez, from the environmental management department, between Thursday and Sunday, 8.7 tons of trash were collected. Of this garbage, 2.1 tons was glass, 1.4 tons was plastic, 0.4 tons was aluminum, 0.2 tons was tetrapack and 4.7 tons was normal waste.  


Fernandez explained that the crew at the collection center had to separate the garbage since people threw garbage mixed up in the labeled recycling bins. 

Sunday, the 26th at 6:30 a.m. Starting Thursday, the 23rd, staff from the recycling collection center worked from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. in crews of eight people.   
 Saturday, the 25th at 6:30 a.m. During the last three days of te fiesta, more trash was seen in the street in front of Jade liquor store and the mobile disco post.
  Monday, the 27th at 7 a.m. Even after the cleanup after the last day, the foul smell and shards of broken glass continued for several days in the streets of the colonial city.
Photo taken after the last day of the Fiestas, Monday, July 27 at 630 am.