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Another Domestic Violence Case Ends in Tragic Murder

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The community of Belen de Nosarita in the canton of Nicoya is in shock today over the murder of Ingrid Hernandez Mayorga, age 38, by her romantic partner at around 5 a.m. this morning, January 10.

The police are searching for the only suspect, last name Carrillo, about 40 years old, who witnesses say fled into the mountains, an area he knows well.

The two were a couple although they were not married. A witnesses who is a minor said that Carrillo attacked Hernandez with a kitchen knife, according to according to Police Chief Adriana Cordoba, and the woman had received a blow to the face and her neck and abdomen had injuries afflicted with the knife.

The couple have two children, a 16-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy. Cordoba assured that the children are receiving special attention from the court, which has an office that provides necessary medical and psychological support to victims of crime. 

Neighbor Mayela Lopez Esquivel said she arrived home when they were removing the body and heard the woman’s two children crying and the daughter lamenting that her mother had been killed.

“I know she suffered agressions, that he hit her,” Lopez related. “This is really tough for all of us. She was a great person.”

In late December, Hernandez requested police protection against Carrilloand had a restraining order. However, she later allowed Carrillo to return home, thus invalidating the cautionary measures.

Cordoba hopes this case will send a message to women regarding the danger of remaining in situations of domestic violence. “Don’t accept the aggressors in the house,” she warned. “They ask forgiveness, return home and later things like this happen. The men lie and they don’t change. One in a thousand changes.”

The police are performing roadblocks in hopes of capturing Carrillo. If captured, Cordoba believes the suspect is likely to receive a firm sentence since there were witnesses to the crime.

The penal law for Violence Against Women in Costa Rica stipulates that cases of femicide carry a penalty of 20 to 35 years in prison for murdering a woman with whom one is married or has a domestic union.