APROSA Helps Family with Leaky Roof

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The metal roof of their wood house in Chinampas of Samara was rusted and full of holes, and as rainy season began the situation was uncomfortable to say the least, but Rony Espinoza Castrillo had no way of fixing it. The Samara Progressive Association (APROSA) learned of the family’s situation and decided to help them out.  

Espinoza had polio as a child, affecting his left leg. As time passed, his leg worsened, and more than a year ago he lost his job because he could no longer do heavy work. Since then, he has provided for his wife and two children as best as he can with odd jobs here and there.  

Miguel Gomez, former secretary of APROSA, asked the association to help the family apply for help through the Mixed Institute of Social Assistance (IMAS), but the board members decided that since rainy season was already beginning, the family was getting wet and it would take time for IMAS to respond, the association would help the family with a donation of 85,100 colones ($170), according to Emilce Steller Ramirez, APROSA treasurer.  

APROSA helped the family buy 12 new sheets of metal roofing and roof peaks, which was enough to replace half of the roof, covering the entryway and the kitchen. “This side of the roof is great thanks to APROSA,” commented Espinoza.   The old sheets were used to create a second layer on the other side of the roof, which still leaks but not as much now.  

So far this year, APROSA has also invested 1,319,287 colones ($2638) in improvements to the community hall, including roofing, fans, paint and parts of the toilets. In addition, they donated fans and sound equipment to the school and the Catholic church and bought school uniforms and books for three children whose family wasn’t sending them to classes because they didn’t have money to buy them. About 1,500,000 colones ($3000) remain from the funds raised by the last fiestas, according to Steller.  

Changes in APROSA’s Board of Directors  

On June 20, elections were held for the board of directors of the Samara Progressive Association. The board members are now: Freddy Mendoza Elizondo, president; Juanita Castillo Jirón, vice president; Marisol Rodriguez, secretary; Emilce Steller Ramirez, treasurer; Norman Matamoros, fiscal; and vocals Neroi Fajardo Fajardo, Denis Gutierrez and Nicida Cerdas Romero