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Art, Aesthetics and Good Food Stimulate Your 5 Senses at Más Q Café

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If sitting down to drink a cup of coffee is a daily ritual you don’t want to lose, try Más Q Café in Liberia. We guarantee it will be a sensory experience.

At the café’s entrance, stone walls and wood columns invoke the rustic designs of traditional Guanacaste estate homes. Once inside, the aroma of cedar and vanilla will prepare your senses for the rest of the experience, which includes food, art and even a relaxation and aesthetics center.

If you need a recommendation, ours is sopa azteca (Costa Rican-style tortilla soup). It’s neither too thick nor too runny, and its flavor is a delicious balance between tomato and chicken broth. It comes accompanied by tortilla chips, guacamole, chicken and cheese on the side. Highly recommended for diners.

Another good option is the pork chops, served in a passion fruit sauce accompanied by vegetable puree (potato, sweet potato and cassava) and rainbow salad with strawberries (lettuce, carrots, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, purple grapes and strawberries with a homemade mayonnaise vinaigrette in an olive oil base).

The crepes are made in house and filled with white sauce, chicken, ham and spinach. They come with sides of sautéed vegetables seasoned with thyme and fresh salad with natural dressings.

Dishes range in price from ¢2,000 ($4) to ¢3,500 ($7).

The café is very open with great light, both an advantage and disadvantage, as flies love to congregate here.

In honor of its name, the establishment is more than just a café: It also has a yoga center, a boutique with designs exclusively made by artisans from Abangares, Liberia and Nicoya, and a beauty center specializing in laser mesotherapy to reduce fat, facials and treating common pains such as migraines.

Más Q Café is located in Barrio Las Tres Marías, 100 meters west and 200 meters north of Guanavet veterinarians in Liberia. It is open from 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Mon.-Sat. Credit cards are accepted.

The Good: Quality food and great coffee. Personalized attention with a cozy ambience.

The Bad: Closed on Sundays.

For orders: Call 2665-0510 or 8446-9657.