At Last! Nosarans Will have Trash Collection Service

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Nicoya’s City Council approved on Monday, October 30 trash collection service for the district of Nosara de Nicoya.

The city’s environmental manager Jorge Esquivel expects trash collection to start this month, November, after City Hall includes approximately 2,000 Nosara properties in its collection system.

The routes and days for collection are the following, but they may change:

The communities of San Fernando and Barco Quebrado are not included in the routes that garbage trucks will take, but the environmental manager said that these communities are a priority for service when it can be expanded, which will depend on payments from those who are along the initial route.

Esquivel expressed concern that the residents from the communities that aren’t included in the routes are going to overload the service by taking their trash and leaving it in the communities where garbage trucks will pass.

“We made calculations for the area that trash collection is allocated for,” he said. “The trucks can’t hold more than that, so the service could get overloaded, like what is happening in Sámara.”

Trucks will collect only ordinary, solid waste, which will be dumped in the Santa Cruz landfill where all the trash that is collected from the canton is taken. Recyclable material is excluded from the service as well as waste that requires special handling, such as electronics or construction debris.

Nosara resident and member of the Nosara Recycles Association Jessica Sheffield, explained that the association will continue its usual recyclable material and junk collection on Wednesdays and that they hope to expand the routes.

The rates that each property will be charged for trash collection are the same as those charged across the canton of Nicoya, which start at ¢9,800 ($17.50) for residences and for businesses range from ¢24.500 ($43.75), ¢49.000 ($87.50) to ¢147.000 ($262.50) depending on the amount of trash that each place generates, said Diana Carrillo, official from the environmental department.

The environmental manager will coordinate meetings for the week of November 13 with each of the communities included along the routes to inform them of the responsibilities for each user and business.