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Athletes Gear Up for Rock Climbing in Nosara

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Adventurous athletes will soon have a new option to test their abilities. A climbing wall is currently under construction in Nosara and should be ready by late December.

Climb Nosara was designed locally by Steve Way and architect Olivier von der Weid.

“Rock climbing is an awesome sport,” Way commented. “It will work great along the surfing and yoga mentality, with its core workout, balance, grace, strength, but also great team building and responsibilities to each other.”

The free-standing structure is 12 meters high and four-sided, with a roof and situated in a jungle setting next to Del Mar Academy by the Futbol 5 soccer field. The tower will present a variety of challenges with at least 36 roped routes, either top roping or leading, with other bouldering options. In addition, people can abseil or rappel from an 8-meter-high platform.

“I feel very fortunate and excited to be introducing rock climbing to the area. It’s not a massive multi-million dollar super structure by some big super company,” Way said. “I want it to be accessible to everybody, from the kids, to the community, to already established climbers, and maybe a bit of tourism too.”

He plans to offer special sessions for kids, adults and locals, including some evening sessions with lighting. Way assured that safety will be of utmost importance. They will have liability waiver and parental consent forms as well as rope competency checks for established climbers.

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