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Attempted Rape Suspect in Custody

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On Monday, November 11th, the Tourism Police of Guiones, Nosara (Policía Turística de Guiones, Nosara) caught the man suspected of trying to rape a woman in broad daylight in the public area known as “the five corners” (Las 5 Esquinas).

The attempted rape happened on Thursday, November 7th around 2:00 PM

Apparently the suspect, with last names Pérez Vallejos, is a resident of Puerto Carrillo of Sámara, 29 years old, and stayed in the Nosara area during the weekend. On Monday November 11th, a resident of Playa Pelada saw him walking and wearing the same clothes he was wearing in the photo that the victim, Meagen Walsh, took of her attacker after being rescued by two neighbors. The resident of Playa Pelada called the Tourism Police of Guiones, who were patrolling the area.

According to officer José Navarro of the Tourism Police, the call was between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM on Monday. “The young man was walking along the beach area near the road to Boca del Río (Nosara).” Navarro said Pérez Vallejos did not try to resist when police stopped him and he was taken by the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJOrganismo de Investigación Judicial), who were also in the area, to their office in Nicoya.

On Tuesday November 12th, the two witnesses and the victim visually identified the suspect, who is now in preventative custody until called to trial.

Walsh told The Voice that, “What saved the case was that the other two witnesses separately identified the same person as me,” adding that now that the suspect is in prison, she feels that it was thanks to the “community support that (the arrest) was possible,” and that, “The (tourism) police of Guiones did everything they could.”

It also has come to light that the suspect did not try to rape Walsh with the help of another man, as first believed.