Avant-garde Art Festival in Tamarindo

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Thinking of Tamarindo, one pictures parties, surf and wide beaches. But now the community wants to become synonymous with art as well.

For that reason, residents and business owners from the area are organizing the Tamarindo Art Wave festival, which will be held from June 16 to 18, having already formed the Tamarindo Arts Foundation.

For Maria Jose Quesada, one of the event’s organizers, the hope for the festival – which will be totally free – is to reactivate culture and art in the area, in addition to attracting a better, family-friendly audience to Tamarindo.

Guanacaste Innovation

Tamarindo Art Wave is not a three-day festival that will be based in just one location. Instead, the event will take place all over the coast, including Playa Langosta.

The fair will involve the Blue Line, which will offer a bus route on which participants can visit more than 30 businesses that will host art expositions. Riders will be able to get off and back on to the bus to enjoy the festivities.

Quesada explained that each participating business will pay a $500 festival sponsorship fee, in addition to providing an artist with food and lodging. Businesses interested in participating should call 2653-5533.

According to information about the festival, the event will carry a total cost of $80,000.

The Main Dishes

A schedule for the activities has still not been published, but it is hoped to include artists Adrian Gomez, Fabio Herrera, Brad Payne Art,  Hollie Heller, Aimee Joaristi and more. The last day will feature a concert given by the well-known pianist and ex-Minister of culture Manuel Obregon and singer Debi Nova.

In addition on that day it is planned to hold a huge dinner in which restaurants will display their dishes, with the requirement that tamarind must be an ingredient.

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